Cupping Therapy is also known as vacuum therapy, as it creates a vacuum seal by negative pressure. Therapists utilise this ancient therapy to really work deep into the body system, treating disease and illnesses. It is also be used as pain relief and has a preventative approach, aids in the healing process, detoxification and widely used in sports injuries to limit inflammation and bruising increasing optimum health.

It penetrates deep into the muscle layers to lift debris, loosen adhesions, stimulating fresh blood flow, improving circulation, carrying fresher oxygen and nutrients around the body, helping drain the lymphatic system. Bringing relief to a wide variety of ailments as well as injuries such as:

Rheumatoid Arthritis
Repetitive strain injury
Weight loss

and many more...

Sciatic nerve pain

Sports Injuries


Dry cupping

By creating a vacuum suction of the skin and muscles into the cup the blood draws to the surface, it is left for few minutes and reapplied to breakdown and remove stagnation, bringing increased blood flow to the area, stimulating the circulatory system, decreasing inflammation to the area.

Price from £40

Moving cupping

Applying oil and using a cup to glide and lift the muscle layers loosening stiffness, stimulating the circulatory system to drain the lymph and carry fresh blood, nutrients and oxygen around the body, aiding in pain relief.

Price from £40 


Wet cupping

Following the same procedure as dry cupping, though in wet cupping incisions are made to extract toxic/harmful blood out from beneath the skin surface. The incisions are made by using a sterile surgical blade scratching the surface of the skin very lightly and reapplying the cups. This is one of the most effective ways to detoxify the body of pollutants and the benefits are tremendous. It improves energy levels, removes toxins, breaks down inflammation, increases fresh nutrients to muscles, maintenance should be obtained by good healthy nutritious diet.

From £45 (Depending on treatment plan, as some are more time consuming)

Warm bamboo herbal cupping

Bamboo cups are warmed in herbal water and applied to various parts of the body depending on where treatment is needed. With its heat penetration it helps to heal some injuries, back problems, good for stiff joints, built up tension, coughs and colds, widely used in Chinese medicine.

From £45

Detox wet cupping

In detox cupping we apply the cups to certain areas of the body creating a vacuum suction, leave it for a few minutes then we remove them to do tiny incisions to draw blood out. This method is the most up to date and modern way of bloodletting to help detox and boost the immune system, detox organs and muscles.

From £80 11124158_ml1

After wet or detox cupping we recommend you do not shower for 24 hours after treatment, avoid sauna, steam rooms and swimming until incisions have healed. We highly recommend a change in diet, to nice healthy white meats, pulses, fresh fruit and vegetables. Avoid dairy products and processed foods for a minimum of 3 days to get maximum benefits.


Please note: As wet cupping is extracting blood from beneath the skin surface, please be aware that it is very important to get it done by a fully qualified and certified practitioner. Also to minimise the risk of cross infection, a clinical environment is paramount to your health.